Fun Club

Mary-Kate & Ashley's Fun Club was the first official fan club for Mary-Kate & Ashley. The photos shown above (and the one shown below) are the Fun Club kits that I currently own. These are VERY rare, and are some of the most sought-after Mary-Kate & Ashley collectibles. The Fun Club began in 1993, and was closed in 2001. There were 5 different Fun Club boxes released, 4 of which are shown here.


Despite being some of the most loved collectibles, the Fun Club kits are also some of the cheapest (quality-wise). The quality of the kits is pretty poor, and they were cheaply made. Here is a list of some of the flaws I've noticed with in the kits.

* They often get them mixed up. On the right, the photo that says "Ashley Olsen" is actually Mary-Kate. They were also incorrectly labelled on the back of one of the Funzines (Vol. 4, Issue 1).
* Spelling errors, punctuation errors, and capitalization errors. These are especially noticable in the Funzine magazines. Example: "You;re Invited to MAry-Kate & Ashley's Birthday Part". (This is exactly how it was typed, with a semicolon in 'you're', a capital 'a' in 'Mary-Kate', and no 'y' in 'party'.)
* They don't know how to spell collectibles! The correct way is 'collectibles', but some people spell it 'collectables'. It has been spelled 3 different ways on the covers of the Collectibles Catalogs. 
1. Collectibles
2. Collectables
3. Colectibles
The third way was just a typing error, which, in my opinion, shouldn't be on the COVER of a catalog.
* They have also spelled "Olsen" incorrectly (Olson), and on occasion forget to hyphenate Mary-Kate (MaryKate, Marykate, or Mary Kate).

If you own a Fun Club kit or a Funzine, I'm sure you known what I'm talking about!

     ↑ This is the box to the Fun Club kit at the top left of this page, but I don't have it yet. *photo from*